How to Pick a Good Domain Name for Your Small Business

With so much competition out there, a good domain name can really set your business apart from your competitors. The majority of businesses now have a website, the importance of which nowadays cannot be denied, meaning that your website needs to make a mark and stand out from other similar websites. How, you ask? Well, aside from a clear, cohesive website, a solid domain name is what will really make you stand apart from the rest immediately.

At, we specialise in creating websites with you and your business in mind, and our website design experts will be happy to assist if you are finding it difficult to select a domain name for your website. Our team will help you to choose a distinctive name that can be built upon and used to increase your customer reach and further your business.

To find out more ideas about how to pick a good domain name for your business, keep reading, as this blog will provide some helpful tips on how to avoid the typical issues faced by small business owners creating websites.


Some tips to consider:

  • Keep the domain name simple and short

First and foremost, the domain name that you pick needs to be short and easy to type. A domain name can be anywhere from 1 to 67 characters, but a shorter name will be memorable and catchy, and so will be harder to misspell or mistype. The easier a domain name is to type and to pronounce thereby means the easier it is to share and pass on. A longer name will often have to be shortened when it is shared on social media platforms, and when compressed it may not show the name of the brand or exactly what the business is about. This then detracts from the business and could cause confusion, and so it is a lot easier to keep the domain name short in order to preempt this. A business is centred around its name, and so it is important to have this visible at all times in order to get the business out there and being shared.  

  • Make it memorable

It is very important to make your domain name memorable, especially as the owner of a small business which may not currently be very well-known. Your domain name defines your brand, and so you need to ensure that the name you choose leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons. As a small business, trade is often generated through word of mouth, and so your domain name should stand out to ensure that customers can recommend it to others with no confusion. A good tip when choosing a name is to do some market research: test out any potential names on friends and family to get some constructive criticism. Sometimes it can be hard to be impartial, and so testing out names on other people can be a great way to gauge whether you are on the right track or not.

  • Make it brandable

As previously stated, your domain name is crucially important because it is what people will see when they search online, talk about your business or share your company online. It is thereby integral that your domain name is something that can be moulded and used to build the business in such a way that it can be marketed successfully to a wider audience as a brand. In order to do this, it is crucial to consider your opponents and distance yourself from any names that could be easily confused or sound too similar/generic. With this in mind, you could create a completely new word for your business’s name, or if you are struggling, consider using an online domain name generator (a tool which would pick a name for you at random). Either of these options would ensure that you stayed away from picking a name that would be too similar to something else out there, and ultimately by choosing something slightly more unusual, your business immediately becomes memorable and starts to become something brandable that you could market much easier.

  • Always have a few back up domain names in mind

Believe it or not, there are usually quite a few people who have the same domain name in mind, so it is always sensible to have options on hand in case your first choice has already been used. Check on different social media sites to see if the name is available and also if there are any trademarks already registered to the name, because this will save you potential legal issues further down the line. It is also very inconvenient to have to change your name if you have started promoting your business online and have built up a social media presence, as you will have to go back and relaunch your business again if the name is already taken. This means that the more unique and different your domain name is, the less likely it is that it will have already been taken, so try to think outside the box.


In conclusion…

Overall, it is clear that it is important to never underestimate the value of a good domain name. Both large and small business owners want to create an impact with their website and online presence and so therefore need to ensure that the domain name, as the first point of call, is a good representation of what is on offer.

At, our team of experts are available to not only create your website, but also help you to pick a domain name that will suit your business and to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls often faced by small business owners. Many businesses don’t know where to start when selecting a name and sometimes an outsider’s opinion can be invaluable to really get your business off the ground which is where we come in! Would you like to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0203 411 0812 or visit to get started today.


By Ella Duffy

For further updates and information, follow us on Twitter @SoleTraderWeb and Facebook at @soletraderwebsites.

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