How a Good Website Helps You Beat Your Local Competition

Do you feel like there’s competition around every corner? Those starting out can often feel intimidated by the amount of similar businesses there are out there, and while competition may be unavoidable, having a good website can really serve to set you apart. Savvy small business owners know the importance of a website, and that defining your company online can help successfully secure a place in the market.

At, we understand the pressures that come with trying to establish yourself as a business and creating a website which fully represents you as a company. We can thereby create websites which are tailor made to ensure that you stand out and make a positive first impression with anyone familiarising themselves with your business for the first time.

Would you like to find out more about how having a good website can put you one step in front of the competition? This blog will look at the ways in which a good website can benefit your business, and in particular, the ways it can help beat your local competition.


Putting your business on the map

Having a website immediately creates an online profile for your business, ensuring that your business can be found online and that people are able to access information about your business and the service that you provide. Having a good website that is clear, detailed and easy to navigate means that your website is likely to be remembered by those visiting it and it is sure to set you aside from your competitors.

The majority of your competition will also have websites, and so it is important that your website immediately makes a good impression upon those visiting it. Creating a good first impression means that your website is then likely to be shared on, which will thereby create traffic for your website, and means that ultimately it will rank higher in Google search results compared to your competition. To ensure that your website ranks higher, it is important to make sure that your website is fully functional (for both web and mobile devices), loads quickly, is fully comprehensive and above all else is a useful site which has been made to benefit both the business and any potential customers.


Creating a brand and a brand identity

No two businesses are the same, and equally no two customers are the same. It is therefore important to think about creating a brand to help identify yourself and what it is that you and your business stand for. Creating a website is a great start, but in order to beat your competition you need to be distinctive. Firstly, you need to ensure that you use consistent language and imagery on your website, and make sure that you are happy with both your business name and tagline. This is the basic setup for your website and will be the first thing that any customer thinks of when they think of your brand.  From there you need to think about your business and define your brand, and try to demonstrate what it is that sets your business apart from other similar businesses.

When thinking about branding you could consider aspects of your business, such as special features, your current reputation as a business and what you want to be known for, and then go from there. Having a business that stands for something and which has a goal in mind means that you are more likely to succeed and to stand out from other similar businesses. Businesses that are unable to clearly identify themselves and their unique selling point as a company are more likely to fail, and so having a website which comprehensively identifies your business and brand clearly is very important.


Making your business easily accessible

It is crucial to consider how much a website can improve links for a business in terms of its customers, as creating a website thereby means that customers (both current and prospective) have access to any information that they need at all times. The website, and the information available online, can then be shared on and referred to as a point of reference for customers. It is therefore important that as much information is on the website as possible. By including details such as contact information, an online portfolio, social media links and testimonials on your website you are pre-empting as many of the customers questions as possible before they get in touch about further information.

By sharing as much information as possible, you will set yourself aside from other local competition as a business which prioritises its customers and puts them at the heart of everything. This could be furthered by creating online forms/forums in which customers could contact the business directly, as another example of excellent customer service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This could also be something that your business could play on with regards to marketing and branding, namely that your business is centred around its customers and always ensures to go the extra mile to help, once more setting the business aside from other businesses of a similar nature.


To conclude…

It is becoming increasingly important nowadays to ensure that your business has both a strong website and brand identity behind it, to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. It is no longer enough to simply have a website, the website needs to be cohesive and effectively represent your brand in such a way that customers will be so interested that they will not think about considering other businesses. A website is one of the best ways to ensure that your business sets you apart from local competition because it is your opportunity to create something that emphasises just how unique your business is and to show off all its positive aspects, perhaps through an online portfolio or customer testimonials.

At, we understand the importance of a website and just how much it can help with the growth of a business, and how much impact a good website can have on a business. Our experts are on hand to help you create a website that will challenge your rivals and ultimately boost your sales and build on your reputation as a business. We are available at any time to assist with anything you need, and if you would like us to help you set up a brand new website today, then please visit today to get started, or call our team on 0203 411 0812 to find out more!


By Ella Duffy

For regular updates and information, just follow us on Twitter @SoleTraderWeb and Facebook @soletraderwebsites.

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