7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Use Twitter

Long since has social media been exclusively for Justin Bieber fans and internet trolls. Although, like blogging, the business community belatedly warmed to it’s utility in generating brand awareness and driving sales – the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are now (and have been for some time) a staple for companies worldwide, and rightly so – with over 420 million people using Twitter in 2017, it’s a party you don’t want to miss.

Not only that, an eye-opening 47% of those who follow a brand on Twitter are likely to visit that business’ website. No wonder then that businesses are pouring money and man hours into this platform for marketing purposes.  

Need more convincing? Here are a few points on why your business really does need a Twitter page.


7) The bandwagon

At the risk of sounding like a teenager obsessed with social media popularity, like, everyone is, like, totally on Twitter at the moment. Everyone and their mothers in fact. From your local bricky, to Microsoft and everything in between, they all have a corporate Twitter account and are seeing tangible improvements to their business as a result. If you don’t then isn’t that an edge your competition has over you?

6) Optics

Just having a website doesn’t quite cut it nowadays. You want your customers impression of you to be that of a business that takes itself seriously, is involved in the community and interested in communicating with its customers. If someone hears about you and then goes to search your brand online only to find you are without any social media account, they’re likely to question whether you’re the real deal or not.

On the flip side, you can craft your image on Twitter to represent your business in however way you see fit. Smart and ultra-professional, or humorous and lighthearted, you can shape the public’s perception of your company to exactly how you want it.

5) It’s lightning quick

When you have an announcement to make, a new product release or an event that might interest your followers, that information, once posted, will be instantly viewable by anyone that subscribes to your business on their Twitter account, or, with the proper use of the hashtag, anyone that happens to be searching your tag. Given that you can advertise directly on Twitter as well now, it’s never been easier to reach potential customers.

4) Stay in the loop

As you probably know now, Twitter evolves around the mighty # tag. This enables people to zone in on particular discussions or communities by marking posts with hashtags that can be searched individually. Current trends and popular topics can be singled out with searches for specific hashtags, giving your business the chance to get involved in what potential customers are talking about and drive awareness.

2) A networking tool

Given the diversity of subscribers to Twitter, the possibilities are almost endless in terms of who you might come across. New business contacts, a future employee, a new supplier, someone to design your website, whoever it may be, Twitter is a melting pot of businesses, different communities and individuals, so you never know who you could bump into.

1) The customer

Like we mentioned in our post on The Value Of Customer Reviews On Your Website, being active in feedback and discussion from your customers is the perfect litmus test in gauging where improvements can be made to your business. It might as well be free consultancy or market research.

It looks professional on your part as well, enquiring into why someone wasn’t fully satisfied with the service or what aspects impressed them. It shows that you care about the customer and value their opinion, whilst giving you key data about aspects of your company. A win win all round.


The Conclusion…

So, are you convinced about whether you need a Twitter page now? Don’t think of it as social media in the usual sense, it’s transcended to become a fully legitimate channel to inform and engage with current customers, future customers and other businesses. Any chance to do that (especially for free) surely cannot be overlooked.

Need a website first? DIFM (Do-It-For-Me) website providers like SoleTrader.com bring you a fully functioning website with all the bells and whistles – content, imagery, SEO and everything else you’d need for the online home of your business.

By Oliver Roche


You can call 0203 411 0812 or visit http://www.soletrader.com to get started today.

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