5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs LinkedIn

Being the social media hub for the professional world, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses to grow their network, generate new leads, and drive their brand. This is why LinkedIn as a platform is particularly important for B2B (business to business) companies, especially those emerging, that can truly make use of the potential client base.

Take a look at these salient points on why your small business needs LinkedIn.


  1. LinkedIn, B2B’s best friend

You wouldn’t rate much ahead of Facebook or Twitter, however, according to last years Social Media Marketing Industry report, LinkedIn took 1st prize for B2B marketers most important social media platform, with a 41% preference over Facebook’s 30%.

Even if you aren’t business to business orientated, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to involve yourself in a community centred around connecting with other professionals? This leads me onto the next point.

  1. It’s a big deal

LinkedIn is a close 3rd behind Facebook and Twitter as the most commonly used social network for all business owners. According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report, 62% of businesses used the platform last year, with another 22% saying they were looking to get involved this year. If LinkedIn is like some kind of giant, cross-industry conference, then you’d want to be there to hand out some business cards surely.

  1. A great platform for launch

Social media has transformed the way businesses can get information out to their customer base. Whereas before the traditional press release was the tool for disseminating news about new products and events, due to the larger potential audience and the rapidity with which information can be spread on social media, the focus has almost entirely shifted – now Regalix state that an impressive 81% of B2B businesses claim LinkedIn as their choice for launches.

  1. One big talent pool

LinkedIn is a smorgasbord of businesses, freelancers and individuals looking for their next career move. LinkedIn themselves state that they’ve seen a 73% increase in recruitment usage since last year. That means your next wunderkind could be out there searching for a business like yours to join and add value. Exciting stuff.

  1.  The leads

Of course everything mentioned so far is great and all beneficial to a small business, but you want to see leads generated from a platform that you have to invest valuable time and occasionally resources into, right? Luckily LinkedIn has this in the bag as well, with the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate across all social networking sites with an average of 2.74% over Facebook’s 0.77% and Twitter’s 0.69% according to research by Hubspot.


The Conclusion…

Social media on the whole is something that all small businesses should take advantage of, but LinkedIn in particular, due to its business and professional orientation, can be put to some seriously effective use. From sourcing new talent and publishing news about your latest products, to growing your client base and generating leads, LinkedIn delivers on all fronts. A must have for small enterprise.

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By Oliver Roche


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