How to Win New Customers for Your Small Business Using Google AdWords

Customers, both current and future, are using Google everyday for one reason or another. It’s synonymous with the internet now and, due to it’s popularity, has a hefty part to play in the accessibility of your website. Think of what we outlined in our posts on the importance of having a search engine friendly website and a local listing on Google – this was the preparation. The tidy before the guests arrive. Now you need to get people through the door, and Google AdWords is the one for this.

Although not considered the cheapest or most straightforward online advertising tool, for small businesses, however, AdWords is ideal for optimising the broadcast of your adverts, so you can hone in on those potential customers in the market for what you are offering. Options for targeting users by device, location and time, allow an emerging business to save those hard earned benjamins you won’t be spending on traffic that’s not interested in what you have to sell. This, if done right, should spell new, better and more loyal customers for your business.

  1. Targeting

On a tight budget? No problem. By targeting your adverts down channels that are more applicable to your average customer, you’ll cut down on the rate those adverts are ineffective and grow a customer base that is relevant to your industry and more likely to return for repeat business. You know your customers better than anyone else; without getting 007 about it, try and think like them. What are they most likely to be searching? What other websites will they be visiting?

Now that you’ve siphoned off some dead weight, you can start narrowing your ads down to certain locations as well. After all, unless you do business internationally there’s not much use for your adverts in the dark corners of the Amazon. Instead, you can entice the potential clientele with a genuine chance of using your business and put more time and resources into the areas you’re most likely to win new customers.

  1. Devices

With smartphones currently at the epicentre of the ongoing tech boom we find ourselves in, it’s becoming increasingly more important to think about users, the devices they’re on and their habits. According to Smart Insights, the percentage of time spent on mobile media is vastly disproportionate to the amount of money spent on mobile advertising, with 24% of total media consumption on mobile devices, yet only an 8% share of the annual ad spend. High time to make good use of AdWords’ ability to target users by device type.

Here you can actually tailor the ad you want to be seen, depending on whether the user is on mobile, desktop or tablet. This is ideal for creating unique approaches to different customer bases, where users might respond differently to the same advert depending on the device it’s viewed on.

  1. Timings

Choosing what time your ads go out is another key area you’ll be able to optimise to gain customers. It goes without saying that if you have an empty office on Sunday, then you don’t want ads going out with no one to respond to them. Likewise, you could pull some of the emphasis on your high traffic days and share the love with some of your slower times in the week.

Look at where your ads could be put to better use and consider setting up promotions that target quiet days for a boost in conversions. Are your customers the sort that need counselling over their mobile phone usage? Or the type to hop onto a desktop once a day to check their emails? Rather than a scatter bomb approach, think about the clientele your product or service appeals to and when that person is most likely to be active online.

4. Keywords

Keywords are your new best friend. These, split into ‘branded’ and ‘generic’ keywords, when searched will signal your ad to appear. Branded referring to when your specific brand is searched and generic relating to more general searches about your industry and locality.

According to Google studies, even if your business enjoys a lot of traffic from organic sources online, ads are likely to bring in up to 50% more clicks from crafty keyword choice. Be mindful, though, that the broader the term, the more competitive it’s being bid for. So, choose your words carefully (rimshot).


The Conclusion….

The real benefit you get from Google AdWords isn’t just about the advertising, it’s about being clever with that advertising. The end result being less time and money spent where it will be wasted, and a more focused effort on certain areas depending on the habits of your average customer. Knowing how your traffic behaves online is a monumental benefit in growing your customer base as a whole and driving more business.

By Oliver Roche


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